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5-stars-smaller.jpg Reduces tumors

posted by Donna (November 29, 2018) 

I have used artemisinin for many years, both for killing off melanoma in my dog and to keep my husband and I healthy. I wouldn't be without it. I feel that Holley Pharmaceuticals has the best artemisinin on the market. No fillers like other brands. They also ship immediately and you receive it quickly. They are the best!


5-stars-smaller.jpg a miracle in a bottle 

posted by Susan (May 10, 2018) 

I had my doubts because I’ve NEVER used herbs... EVER! But when my chow golden mix developed a rock hard solid lump on her head just behind her ear and started walking into my kitchen table chair legs and getting stuck underneath them then walking into walls I knew something was up. The dr wanted to open up her head and explore.. at first I was going to.. but over the course of a few days opted not- the possibility of her not coming out alive- or having suspected cancer spread at age 9-10 or possibly 11 yrs old( she’s a rescue unsure of actual age) were very great. I googled natural cancer treatments and this is the product I found- it sounded absolutely worth a try, boy was I right!!! Within 2 days my baby girl who by the time I received the product was beginning to get worse and was not eating- she was so weak- I gave her the artesiminin 2- 100mg on empty stomach 4 hrs after her last meal of the day( 10:30 pm) for two days- the 2 nd day she was eating home cooked meals no more kibble... she was no longer getting stuck under chairs... walking into walls- she was indeed a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DOG- she is now on her 7th day each day is an improvement I cannot express how much better my Isla is I’m so happy I truly believe this herb is a miracle- I will continue using this and also feeding real chicken veggies and natural foods do not hesitate to use this if your baby is ill I’m so happy I gave this a try- what did I have to lose- my baby is on the road to recovery- she’s like a young pup!!! Thank you.. I’m glad I stumbled on this product and your website recommendation !!!!!


5-stars-smaller.jpg  Extending Pet's Life

posted by JD (January 31, 2018)

My daughter's pet dog was diagnosed with cancer the middle of May 2017. He was given less that 3 months to live and amputation was recommended. A former employee told us of Artemin100 and how it had helped her dog. We immediately ordered and based on the recommendation from Holley Pharmaceutical started giving her pet 2 capsules per day. So far so good and as far as we can tell the cancer or tumor has not spread.


5-stars-smaller.jpg  keeping Lymphoma at bay

posted by Andrew B. (January 18, 2018) 

My sweet dog was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma almost 3 years ago now. She was given 6 weeks to live. We started giving her a regimen of "Arti" after she relapsed following her first round of CHOP chemotherapy. She wasn't supposed to make it after the cancer came back, but with another round of CHOP along with a regimen of Arti and Apocaps she not only went into remission for a second time, she's been cancer free ever since. Her Vet can't believe she beat this very aggressive cancer. She's been cancer free since April of '16. She's growing old(closing in on 14 years old) and slowing down, but for now cancer isn't what we worry about. 


5-stars-smaller.jpg Artemin100

posted by Marianne T. (December 7, 2017)

I have purchased Artemin100 several times now for my 12 year old Boxer boy who has prostate cancer. He was diagnosed 10 months ago - because of his age I did not want any treatment from a Vet.
So far my Boy is doing very well - no pain - he eats good and looks good, too. The tumor has not increased in size and I attribute this to Artemin100. I hope that I will be able to have Lexi with me for some time to come.
Also - Holley is a great company and the shipping is very quick.
I recommend this product highly.


5-stars-smaller.jpg  Great supplement and great company to work with

posted by Anonymous (October 2, 2017) 

I've used Holley Pharmaceuticals Artimesinin on two dogs now who have cancer. The first one , I wish we'd have heard about Artemisinin sooner, but when a second dog was recently diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, this is one of the first things I turned to. Being very much a senior dog, I did not want to put him through amputation and chemo as it is a grade 3 with little chance of remission. He tolerates this supplement so well, it never makes him sick at all and so far, the tumor has not returned after surgery. Hoping this will help buy him some quality time. Holley is a great company to work with as well. We are very grateful


5-stars-smaller.jpg Very Satisfied 

posted by Arlene N. (August 28, 2017) 

Our Vet recommended this product. Our dog has an aggressive cancer. This product, along with a few other items I truly feel has extended his life. He has now lived 1 year and four months longer than he was supposed to. The website and check out process is easy to navigate and the product is received within a week. It's a "pure" supplement and I am extremely pleased.


5-stars-smaller.jpg Arteminisisin 100

posted by Cheryl H. (May 4, 2017)

Even though this product is for humans also, we have only had the occasion to use it on 3 of our dogs. A female Cocker Spaniel who had Hemangiosarcoma attached to her spleen. After her surgery we chose not to put her through chemo. We started her on Arteminisisn immediately after her surgery. We lost her a year later not because of cancer, but because of the congested heart failure that she had had for about 10 years. She was over 15 1/2 years old when we lost her. A male Great Pyrenees who had surgery to remove several cancer tumors outside of his rectum. We started him on Arteminisisn before his surgery and continued after his surgery. The tumors never returned. We lost him last Wednesday because he could no longer stand. He lost the feeling in his back legs. He was 14 years old this past March and an outside dog. And a female King Charles Spaniel who has been diagnosed with Adrenal cancer this April. She is now on Arteminisisn and doing a lot better. She slept ALL THE TIME before the Arteminisisn and we have noticed that she is awake longer, more alert and even plays with our 2 younger Poodles now. As long as you follow the directions and give it to them at least 3 hours before or 3 hours after they eat their meal hopefully you will see the great success that we have had with this product. For any and all questions or concerns don't hesitate to call the number listed on their website. We only buy from the original company located in California.


5-stars-smaller.jpg Osteosarcoma survivor!

posted by Sarah (February 12, 2017) 

My golden retriever was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had her hind leg amputated in Dec 2015. We did 5 rounds of chemo in early 2016 and I have had her on a grain free kibble (blue buffalo freedom) and daily doses of San shedan Chuanbei Ye (fritillary bulb extract, bought online at Modern Herb Shop), 1.5 vials daily, and Artemin100, 2 pills for 11 days on, 3 off since chemo. I also sprinkle some fresh minced garlic and powdered turmeric in her food daily. As of Feb 2017 her oncologist confirmed no signs of cancer in her body! Please give this stuff a try. I know all the blogs are overwhelming and everyone says to do raw diet (which was not possible financially or time wise for me to maintain a 60lb dog), but we have these results without all that hassle. She's looking forward to celebrating her 13th birthday this year as a happy, healthy and energetic fluff ball.


5-stars-smaller.jpg supplement for bone cancer therapy

posted by Unknown (January 16, 2017)

My Standard Poodle was diagnosed with bone cancer in October. I researched information about the cancer in dogs and the Artemisinin from Holley Pharmaceuticals was recommended. I administer 2 capsules daily with goat cheese as was recommended in the article that I read. I give it at night 3 hours after his evening meal. So far Emmett is doing OK. He is three legged due to the deterioration in the right humerus area of his leg. We are encouraged that his quality of life has not diminished other than his hobbling but he is still eating and enjoying his life at the farm. He is also on Chinese herbs and western meds for pain relief. The prognosis for this devasting disease is the average time of survival is 4 months after diagnosis so we are hoping to prolong his life with this treatment without compromising his quality of life. He is monitored periodically by our Vet for any metastatic tumors. So far so good. Thank you Holley Pharmaceuticals for your prompt response to my orders and follow up info about delivery time.


5-stars-smaller.jpg Gingival Squamous Cell Carcinoma

posted by Christine (August 10, 2016) 

Our 11 year old Black Lab female (~70lbs) was diagnosed with Gingival Squamous Cell Carcinoma the last week of May 2016. Surgery was not an option due to location and the vet said chemo/radiation isn't very successful for this type of cancer. She had a big tumor growing on her upper back left gum line that was encompassing her back teeth, she was still eating/drinking and wanting to play ball but was definitely slowing down fast. We immediately changed her diet to homecooked Elk, Fish, green veggies and rice. We started Artemin100 about 2 weeks after she was diagnosed. It's now August 8th, the tumor has shrunk significantly and her energy is like it was 2 years ago! Her eyes also look less cloudy. I'm pulsing as recommended based on internet research 8 days on, 2-3 days off. I'm also careful to give her the Artemin100 (2 pills) 3-4 hours after her dinner in a spoonful of cottage cheese and exercising her in the afternoon/evening. You can read online about why this is important. I'm now ordering my second bottle of Artemin100! I'm a believer so far!