Holley Pharmaceuticals


Holly Pharmaceuticals Inc., formerly known as Holley Pharmaceuticals Company (www.holleypharma.com), has been established in the U.S. since 2002. Holley Pharmaceuticals and its affiliates have been farming, harvesting, extracting, purifying and manufacturing Artemisinin and its derivatives for over 30 years. They are the world’s largest supplier in pharmaceutical graded Artemisinin and sold worldwide. After June 1st, 2019, Holley aims to only focus on institutional business. 

Teresa (Nguyen) Gonzalez had been working for Holley Pharmaceuticals Company for over 7 years. Throughout those years she has built relationship with customers and clients who have used artemisinin on themselves or their pets. Hearing all their success stories made her believe that this product works and can truly be beneficial. Teresa wanted to resume the retail division of the company when they decided to go in a different direction and focus on pharmaceutical research and development. That is why she opened a new store called Holly Pharmaceuticals Inc. to continue producing the same high quality artemisinin for those who need it. 



The raw material used for our products comes from the same, original source that has been used for decades. 

The Artemin products we sell are manufactured in GMP- certified factories in China and meets pharmaceutical grade standards. Each batch of our artemisinin is evaluated for purity by using HPLC and for heavy metals. The product that you receive is made in USA, and retested for a Final CoA for potency and purity. These standards comply with the FDAs regulations.

Our raw material is harvested in farms that follow Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) methods and manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) facilities certified by the Chinese State FDA.

 Artemisinin products low in purity and mixed with other ingredients can be found in today’s markets. We would like to advise consumers to purchase artemisinin only from familiar or reputable sources. Don’t be swayed by cheap alternatives. One way to ensure high quality is to ask your vendor to provide you with the certificate proving that their artemisinin was manufactured in a certified facility.